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“The fruit of love is service.

Prayer in action is love,

And love in action is service.”


Mother Teresa

ABOUT NEILLY BUCKALEW, MD, ND, MS, Board Certified Physiatrist (NBPAS, ABPMR)


I am the owner and operator of Integrative Ability Medicine - I AM a newly established practice in the Pacific Northwest and Tele-Health practice. As a physician, Naturopath, acupuncturist, Ayurvedic practitioner, certified yoga instructor, and Thai yoga therapist as well as a past certified Doula providing perinatal care, I have been in collective practice for over 25 years, including owner and operator of Yoga For Life - All Ages & Abilities since 1999.


Integrative physical medicine and rehabilitation is my specialty where I am a board certified medical doctor in this field as a physiatrist.  




Bringing ancient healing practices integrated with evidence-based physical medicine and rehabilitation to our community and as a Tele-Health practice is a service that I am excited to provide and expand.

Each session will be personalized to meet your evolving, specific needs for both preventing and treating dis-ease.  


I also provide palliative and hospice care services and education, including home visits.


"I believe we can all live well and fully.

I am in service to those I am honored to

help in achieving their fullest,

most comfortable, and vital self."

What is a Physiatrist?

Video presentation of my research as an NIH fellow on measuring the effects of Yoga using bluetooth enabled EEG. I am blessed to have so many wonderful mentors!